Inspired the eternal emblem of Ethnic Opulence - our beloved Paisley , this festive collection celebrates its luminous exuberance at its Bohemian best. This immortal ornamental motif travelled from persia to Kashmir and became an inseparable stamp of our Indian design vocabulary. From the intricately woven patterns of pashmina to dexterously carvings of Mughal architecture, paisley has mesmerized us with its swirly hypnosis.
Taking ques from the bohemian retro decade, we reimagined some of the groovy 70s staples with modern sensibilities. Bold palette of spices such as turmeric yellow saffron, cinnamon brown , paprika red is explored with soothing palette of Cyan, aqua, jade and Prussian blue.


Contemporary Indian silhouettes are re-created to fit the requirements of modern brides. Easy separates with quintessential vintage undertone makes each look unique in itself. Heirloom Silhouettes are revisited along with Traditional  handwork techniques.