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Nadima Saqib is a fashion label known for its traditional art meets avant-garde designs of heirloom-inspired pieces. Designer Nadima Saqib Valiulla bridges traditions and innovation in her stunning collections. Casual elegance, femininity, and sophisticated luxury flow through her beautifully made clothes.

The designer Nadima Valiulla’s label “Nadima Saqib” launched emphasizes the importance of a continued timelessness while at the same time staying true to its stylish charm. The designer is well known for the high craftsmanship of her garments and her clean, elegant silhouettes. She also has an eye for detail and uses intricate embroidery on many of her outfits. Feminine dresses, delicate, flowy silhouettes, chic shift dresses are well-conceived to create a floral story.

The ensembles are contemporary & stylish that adorn the modern woman.

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Our passion for handlooms can be seen in our designs since the inception of NS.

Those who want comfort and effortlessness in their appearance adore us. We think that it is the perspective, not the span, that determines success. We believe in creating a product that can be passed down through generations without losing its fashion or style worth.

We create capsule collections to provide you with one-of-a-kind items, with a focus on hand embroidered. Our needle embroidery techniques are easy to learn and remind us of our Nanimaas' antique embroidery.

Bringing Innovation, Sustainability, and Scale to the cradle, we want to balance our traditions and current trends.