Meet Nadima

Nadima has her headquarters in Mumbai, lower parel and has her presence all over the world.

But her roots lie in Ahmedabad where she grew up in a well to do family, learning the ropes of business and life from her Maa & Naani.

Her goal of attending a high-end fashion designing institution was dashed owing to a flawed political scenario in early 2002, but with her devotion, hard work, and intellectual standards, she self-taught herself to eventually become the ace.
She created her own setup in her basement for designing and embroidery with three 'karigars' for work that kept flowing to her owing to her influential personality and exceptional talent. Her indo-centric, eco-chic, modern designs blend handcrafted methods and sumptuous fabrics in classic shapes. She adheres to the 'Less is More' concept, and the old-school tailoring and finishing techniques provide a touch of elegance to each design.

"There is no formula for becoming a designer; it's all about experience and how well you do in your game; the more clothes you make, the more refined you become; I wish I had a count in so many years of so many clothes I've made and how many pieces I've designed and how many brides I've sailed through to get to where I am today."

After producing clothing pyramids, she moved to Mumbai after her marriage and began studying the industry one store at a time. Exploring the Mumbai fashion market was like a revelation for her, and it helped her take the Label to where it is now.

The Label became a dream come true for her, which she pursued when she took part in the Lakme Fashion Week.

There is no turning back today.

Due to a shift in the shopping scenario, she assists customers online with a consultation and has all hands on deck for all types of adjustments and demands around the clock.

She specializes in ethnic wear and bridal wear, her ideal design is combining traditional crafts with modernity, she specializes in transforming from old to new as in real zari work furbishing,

She also had the pleasure of transforming a 150-year-old garment into something that can be worn today, it was hand-stitched.

So it was challenging for her team to transform it and make it wearable in today's time.

The most essential aspect of her design is the embroidery and embellishment of a garment.

"I believe that India as a whole is known for its arts and crafts; we rely on creating a specific garment in which the embroidery, embellishments, and techniques used in it are passed down from generation to generation; there is no schooling involved; there has to be an inborn talent and skill to produce a specific type of Zardozi, Kashmiri, or Garo workpiece, and if at all there is schooling involved, it must be an inborn talent and skill to produce."

NS Diary

"What's the best thing about working with your spouse?"

"Concentrating on and working toward a common objective You begin to have complete faith in one another. It also makes work a whole lot more enjoyable!

Working on the label and bringing our creative vision to life together is captivating and profitable now that we've formed a strong relationship.

Every season, our style and inspiration change, and we can't pretend we've figured out what we're excellent at and are confident in it. With each collection, we're continuously striving for that high note.

Our design sense, style, cutting, and way of thinking are edgier than others. Thus we've always sought to work for the global market.

The way we blend edgy western cuts, and Indian embellishments are what makes our style Nadima Saqib."

Nadima Saqib Valiulla