Amelia Designer Wear Collection - Nadima Saqib

In the world of fashion, where trends come and go, there are some timeless motifs that have a special place in our hearts. The paisley, with its intricate and mesmerizing patterns, is one such emblem. Inspired by this eternal symbol of ethnic opulence, Nadima Saqib's Amelia Collection takes us on a journey through the rich tapestry of Indian design. From its origins in Persia to its vibrant presence in Kashmir and beyond, the paisley motif has become an inseparable part of our design vocabulary. Join us as we explore the Amelia Collection, a celebration of the paisley's luminous exuberance at its bohemian best.

Amelia collection - Nadima Saqib

The Paisley Story

The paisley motif has an enchanting history, much like a nomad's tale. It embarked on its journey from Persia, traversing through cultures and continents before finding a permanent home in India. Here, it wove itself into the intricate patterns of Pashmina shawls and found its way into the delicate carvings of Mughal architecture. The paisley, with its swirly hypnotic charm, has truly mesmerized us. In the Amelia Collection, Nadima Saqib pays homage to this enduring motif, celebrating its heritage and artistry.

A Bohemian Revival

The Amelia Collection draws inspiration from the groovy 70s, reimagining some of the era's staples with a modern twist. Bold and vibrant, the color palette evokes the spices of India: turmeric yellow, saffron, cinnamon brown, and paprika red. These fiery hues are balanced with soothing shades of cyan, aqua, jade, and Prussian blue. It's a blend of colors that mirrors the kaleidoscope of India's diverse landscapes.

Versatile Ensemble

One of the defining features of the Amelia Collection is its versatility. From easy gypsy separates to lightweight festive ensembles, this collection caters to every occasion and mood. Whether you're strolling through a sun-soaked market or attending an elegant soirée, Nadima Saqib has designed pieces that effortlessly inject the joyous spirit of the great Indian summer all year long.

The Amelia Collection by Nadima Saqib is more than just a fashion line; it's a tribute to the timeless paisley motif and the rich heritage it represents. It's a celebration of the fusion of cultures, of artistry passed down through generations, and of the vibrant spirit of India. When you wear a piece from this collection, you carry with you a piece of history and a touch of bohemian elegance. So, embrace the paisley reverie, and let Nadima Saqib's Amelia Collection transport you to a world where tradition meets modernity in a symphony of colors and patterns.

September 04, 2023